The Emerging Leader

The first 18 months in a new leadership role are crucial for the emerging (or new leaders) success. Emerging leader coaching is ideal for family owned businesses, first line managers, leaders moving from hands-on leadership positions to strategic leadership roles (managers-to-directors, or directors-to-executives). Our coaching is designed to set new leaders up for success.

The Exiting Leader

Exiting leaders refers to leaders who are "letting go" of a leadership position and moving onto additional leadership roles (director-to-executive) or who are preparing to retire.  Exiting leader coaching is ideal for leaders who are getting ready to retire, either from corporate life or family owned businesses.  Exiting leader coaching focuses on the people side of succession planning and setting the next leader up for success.

Employee Engagement Coaching

Employee engagement is a hot topic in organizations.  However, many leaders do not have a firm understanding in how to build engagement. Employee engagement coaching focuses on helping leaders strategize and implement engagement practices to create teams people want work for.

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