The Engaged Manager: Beyond the Survey 

Gallup (2015) stated in its "State of the American Manager" report that managers account for 70% of the variance in employee engagement. By focusing on the development of employee engagement skills at the one-on-one level, this training expands the communication, social and emotional intelligence, leadership, and followership skills of the managers in the organization.  The training focuses on the use of interpersonal strategies and interpersonal skills to improve the engagement between a manager and an employee.

Advancing Employee Engagement for Breakthrough Employee Satisfaction & Retention

The Exiting Leader- Letting Go of Leadership

Setting the next leader up for success depends on the willingness of the current leader to let go of their leadership role. Understanding and creating a plan to help current business owners, leaders, and executives determine the roadblocks they have in succession planning enables the process to move smoothly.  The training focuses on the people side and interpersonal aspects of letting go.

The Emerging Leader: Stepping Up and Stepping Into Leadership 

 According to the Harvard Business Review, 40% of internal job moves made by people identified by their companies as “high potentials” end in failure.  The first 18 months in a new leadership role are critical to the new leader’s success.  Developing a leadership strategy, maximizes the new leader’s strengths', abilities, and aspirations. Providing new leaders with the opportunity to understand the context of their leadership and lead “on purpose.”

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